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Experience the wilderness of the "Jiuzhaigou" on horseback. You will ride through the forest while enjoying beautiful mountain views. We provide 4 different horse trek routes and you may choose according to your schedule and ability.


Jiuzhaigou Tibetan Barley Horse Trekking Adventure

- A perfect way to explore Jiuzhaigou!

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Exclusive route without tourists

Deep into the Bandangke valley by horse riding


Local Tibetan Nomads' Life

Experience the real local tibetan nomads’ life


Enjoy the wild and different Landscape

The trek combines various landscape, including the primeval forest, meadow & flowers, mountain views...etc

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Two Hours Trek

Distance: 4.7 km

Duration: 2 hour

Full-Day Trek 

Distance: 16km

Duration: 7 hour

(barbecue lunch included)

Half-Day Trek 

Distance: 10 km

Duration: 4 hour

Two-Day Camping Trek 

Distance: 24 km

Duration: 2 days

(1 breakfast, 1 barbecue dinner, 2 lunches included) 

2-Hour Trek

2小时行程 2-Hour Trek

起点Start Point (2700m)  ►   瀑布Waterfall (2800m)   ►   返回 Turn Back

時間Duration:2小時  hours

距離 Distance:  4.7公里 km

1人:200元/人     1 person: ¥ 200 pp

多於 1 人:180元/人    more than 1 person: ¥ 180 pp



 Extra 100cny per vehicle is charged for both way transportation to the starting point.


Climbing up the mountain, the local guide will lead the horse to ensure everyone’s safety. You can try to ride yourself when you can handle it.


Along the forest at an attitude of 2800m, you can the breathe the fresh air and to see the waterfall.

Half-Day Trek

半日行程 Half-Day Trek

起點 Start Point (2700m) ► 瀑布 Waterfall (2800m) ► 山腰 Hillside (3200m) ► 返回 Turn Back

Full-Day Trek
2-Day Camping Trek

時間 Duration:4小時 hours

1人:350元/人     1 person: ¥ 350 pp

多於 1 人:300元/人    more than 1 person: ¥ 300 pp

* 可加100元一位享用原生態燒烤午餐。

  Extra 100cny per person for the Barbecue lunch .



 Extra 100cny per vehicle is charged for both way transportation to the starting point.


The landscape changes when the attitude keeps rising. You will pass through coniferous forest, karst landform...etc.

全日行程 Full-Day Trek

起點Start Point (2700m) ► 瀑布 Waterfall (2800m) ►    山腰 Hillside (3200m)       ► 山頂 Peak (3600m) ► 返回 Turn Back

(燒烤午餐 Barbecue lunch)

時間 Duration:6-7 小時 hours

1人:550元/人     1 person: ¥ 550 pp

多於 1 人:500元/人    more than 1 person: ¥ 500 pp


Barbecue lunch included.


Extra 100cny per vehicle is charged for both way transportation to the starting point.


You will experience the local barbecue and try the yak butter tea which is prepared by local nomads.



You will enjoy the fascinating mountain landscape when you have reached the peak.

There is no tourists along the way. As it is the daily route for local nomads, you may have chance to see them and their animals along the way.

兩日行程 Two-Day Trek

第一日 1st Day

起點 Starting Point  ►    瀑布 Waterfall      ►         山腰 Hillside           ►     山頂 Peak      ►   山谷 Valley  (營地 Camping Site)

    (2700m)                             (2800m)                   (3200m) (午饭 lunch)              (3600m)             (3300m) (烧烤晚餐 Barbecue dinner) 

第二日 2nd Day

山谷 Valley (早餐 Breakfast)  ►  山谷中探索 Explore the Valley   ►    山顶 Peak    ►   山腰 Hillside (午餐 Lunch)    ►  返回 Turn Back

               (3300m)                                            (3300m)                               (3600m)                         (3200m) 

時間Duration:2日 days

1人:1880元/人  1 person: ¥1880 pp

多於 1 人:1480元/人  more than 1 person:¥1480 pp


1 breakfast, 1 barbecue dinner, 2 lunches included.


Extra 100cny per vehicle is charged for both way transportation to the starting point.


Deep into the valley. Camping at the pasture and to enjoy the starry night.


我們會提供: We will provide:


- Simple Camp Toilet

- 歐洲訂購的鐘形帳篷(3米直徑)

- Bell Tent (3m diameters) from Europe.

- 充氣睡墊配以能抵禦0攝氏度的睡袋,加上睡袋內襯,確保衛生和舒適。

- Inflatable sleeping pad, 0 degree sleeping bag and liner.

Guest Reviews

Guests Reviews

“Surprisingly great day trip!!”


We’ve been looking for a horse ride that day and didn’t expected to find a really beautiful hotel in which the staff organized a transportation as well as the whole ride, although we were arriving quite late that day. They were really flexible and spontaneous, they provided us with rain ponchos and hats (it was rainy that day) and we went to the starting point of the ride. The guide was really friendly and showed us the waterfall, the beautiful landscape and gave us edible berries, he couldn’t speak English, but that didn’t matter. He made a campfire at the turning point, which was very nice! We had a great time there and we also were the only ones, so it’s not a very well known Tour, it’s basically an insider tip!We’re also considering to book a room in the hotel next time, since it’s got so much charme and individuality. All in all an awesome day! We definitely recommend doing this!

“Unique experience! ”

The horse trekking tour was amazing! I really enjoyed the peaceful time, because this tour is an insider tip, so there was no mass tourism. The staffs are very friendly and helpful, they tried everything to make us felt comfortable. To my mind this tour is commendable for people who love adventure and want to enjoy the nature (without any annoying Tourists) :D

“A lovely outdoors experience”

Went on a 4-hour trek with 2 friends, we were accompanied by two friendly Tibetan guides who took great care of us and shared many interesting stories about the areas that we passed. It was refreshing being out there by ourselves especially after being subjected to massive crowds at Jiuzhaigou the day before. Initially I was a little worried as I’m usually quite skeptical about how animals are treated in tourism but the horses look healthy and well-fed, and were very well-behaved. The guides treated them with respect and we stopped several times as well for them to drink from the river. The organizer of this activity, Barley Inn, was also very helpful and flexible to our requests. While we did not stay there, we went there for lunch after the trek and the premises were clean and nicely furnished. Highly recommended activity for those who love the outdoors and wish to see it in a more personal way.

“Wonderful Family Fun : Highly Recommended.”

This was the highlight for my daughters of the whole family vacation. This was a wonderful experience for us all. The guides were outstanding. Even going to the extent of making sure the snow was pressed down so my daughters could safely explore the frozen waterfall.









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​常見問答 FAQ


1. 完全沒有騎馬和露營經驗,是否也可以參加?


2. 騎馬會很不安全嗎?有什麼安全保障?


3. 騎馬路線的難度可以增加嗎?


4. 哪些人不適宜騎馬?


5. 活動有沒有年齡限制?

騎馬活動僅限 3-80周歲,身體健康、能正常工作或正常生活的人士。 7歲以下小朋友如想參加,需由馬夫全程陪同騎馬。




6. 四種行程的出發時間?

2小時、半天行程:上午8點 - 下午1點 之間

7. 下雨的話怎麼辦?





8. 其他注意事項?

- 費用不包含來回起點的車費。
- 客人須明白參加騎馬活動具有一定風險並自行承擔。

1. Is this trek suitable for guests who have no experience in horse riding nor camping?


These routes are designed for people without experience. There will be basic instruction in advance and local nomads will lead your horse until you can handle it yourself. Most of our guests could ride the horse within one hour.

The aim of camping is to go deep inside the wild. We could only provide the basic camping equipments such as sleeping bag, tent, simple camp toilet, etc. Shower is not allowed in the camping night.


2. Will that be safe for horse riding?


The horses provided for guests are all well-trained and local guides will lead the horses along the way. We will also purchase insurance for every guests.

3. Is that possible to enhance the difficulty of the route if I am experienced with horse riding?


Please contact us for more challenging route if you are experienced with horse riding.


4. Who are not suitable for this trek?


Anyone who have suffered from any medical or physical conditions that may require special assistance in riding or affect the ability to ride or not suitable to ride (e.g. have suffered serious injury or have any condition which may affect balance or cause blackouts or loss of consciousness of fitting), or have been advised not toride. 


5. Are there any age restrictions for this trek?

The insurance policy only cover age from 3 to 80 who are healthy and with normal working and living ability.
Child who is 6 years old or younger must ride with a local guide (extra 100 cny charges each child).

*Parents and Guardians must sign a waiver for children 18 years old and younger.

6. What time will the trek start?


2 hours & half day tour:between 9am to 1pm

Full day & 2 days tour:before 9am

7. What if it rains?


Horse riding is possible to carry on if there is only light rain. Rain coat and hat will be provided to every guests.

We will cancel the trek if the weather is not safe for horse riding. 20 yuan will be charged and remaining fee will be refunded. 


If the weather becomes bad on the way, the local guide will decide wheather it is safe to continue the tour.

Partly refund will be issued if the local guide decide to suspend the tour because the weather turns bad on the way which is not safe to continue.


8. Other notice?

- The cost for transportation to the starting point is not included in the fee.

- You should understand that horse riding is risky and ride at your own risk.

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